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Bloggers’ Open World Awards by Momondo

Dear James, I was laying on the couch, scrolling down Instagram, waiting for them to get ready when I saw it: the Bloggers' Open World Awards. It looked interesting, I screenshot it as they walked down the stairs and, we all walked out the door. I forgot about it for a while. Then, one day,… Continue reading Bloggers’ Open World Awards by Momondo

Rediscovering Portugal

A Caminho de Tomar pt.2: They were a little scared

Dear Tiago, I am sorry you couldn't make it this time. We could go back though. Once you come back to visit us. We drove around and enjoyed a few views. From the top of the Escadinhas de Nossa Senhora de Piedade, where they'd go to eat Mcdonald's as kids, to the Aqueduct where they… Continue reading A Caminho de Tomar pt.2: They were a little scared

Rediscovering Portugal

The Imposing Limb

It was a sudden decision, another meeting had just been canceled and I had wasted another sunny day. I got up from my chair, picked up my keys and walked out the door. I sat down facing the sun, it was already setting, another hour and the light would be gone. The light touching my… Continue reading The Imposing Limb

Rediscovering Portugal

In the middle of nowhere

Dear James,   I kind of like it though. Despite being in the middle of nowhere. Quite literally.   It was beautiful. It was quiet. It was a nice change of pace from where my head had been. Would return any day. I wonder how long I would last though.   How long would you… Continue reading In the middle of nowhere

Rediscovering Portugal

That Time a Canadian Came to Visit

Dear Kiiana, It has been a while since I have seen you. I know I am to blame, as I still owe you all a visit. The last time I was in Canada was over 10 years ago. In my defense, it’s just so cold. It's too cold for life. It has been raining for… Continue reading That Time a Canadian Came to Visit

Rediscovering Portugal

The Unusual Feeling of Returning Home

Starting fresh means readjusting your habits. And we, humans, are creatures of habit. It means shedding your routine and accepting a new rhythm. It forces you to be flexible and start fresh. You gotta pick and choose the parts of you that match the new environment you have placed yourself in. Embrace the culture shock.… Continue reading The Unusual Feeling of Returning Home

Rediscovering Portugal, UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Convento de Cristo, Tomar

*this letter will be written in both English and Portuguese because Bia gets mad at us when we speak English instead of Portuguese. Fair enough* Bia e Lourenço, Apesar de já ter estado várias vezes em Tomar, ainda não tinha tido a oportunidade de ir ao Convento. Quando começou a chover ainda fiquei um pouco… Continue reading Convento de Cristo, Tomar